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Plastic Injection Molding is Everywhere

From refrigerators to combines, plastic injection molded components and sub-assemblies can find a place in nearly any industry. We work closely with our customers to understand the product application and develop quality finished parts.


Ensure your parts have the strength and durability needed to perform in tough agricultural environments.


Engineering Industries can help with selecting the materials and processes to achieve lightweight, precision parts and components for your electrical applications.


Appliance manufacturers benefit from customizable designs and consistent product outputs provided by plastic injection molding processes.

Durable Medical Goods

Choose from a variety of materials and surface finishes to ensure high quality, repeatable precision medical goods.

Consumer Goods

Injection molded parts offer flexibility in color and design, as well as high production output for a variety of consumer goods.


Reduce waste and improve cost savings by using plastic injection molded parts in your industrial and manufacturing operations.