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Customer Testimonials

See Why Our Customers Love Working With Us

At Engineering Industries, we pride ourselves on our strong customer relationships. We’re committed to delivering innovative solutions through exceptional service. But don’t just take our word for it.

Engineering Testimonials

“I am blown away with how quickly your team can respond to change. I’m in the
middle of a project right now and the support has been outstanding!”

“Engineering Industries has met every expectation for delivery of T1/FOT & T2/Beta parts, including
design changes after our first assemblies showed reason for immediate improvements. The urgency in which
our requests were met, combined with continuous updates was most impressive.”

“Engineering Industries is a very committed supplier. We find them to be a very valuable supplier.”

Customer Service Testimonials

“Always do their best to make sure we have product when needed. Also great interaction between front
desk and Supervisors to make sure we are being taken care of. Shipping always has product ready to ship or
pickup. Engineers are always helpful on questions or when help is needed on product we receive.”

“Great team of people, I almost never give them a call for a status on my orders, because they are on time.”

“They have pleasant and cheerful people in their office who are always eager to try and help however they can.
I seem to always be asking for expedited service and they do their best to accommodate.”