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An Inside Look at Engineering Industries

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An Inside Look at Engineering Industries

Ever wonder what it’s like to work alongside a robot? Or be a part of an ESOP? Curious about plastic injection molding? Get to know our team through this series of video chats and take a behind-the-scenes look at Engineering Industries.

Why Engineering Industries
100% Employee Owned
A Strong Foundation


“Engineering Industries has done a great job keeping the machinery updated. Getting us the new tools and equipment that we need. It just makes our jobs that much easier.”

Saving Time & Money
Automation Lets us Focus on People
Advancing Technologies
Working Alongside Automation


“We are on a steady growth path. We continue to invest in our facility to keep the technology up-to-date and allow us more room to grow.”

Continued Growth
Investing in Energy Savings


“The people are what make Engineering Industries. Not just one person, but the whole team. Our people are genuine. Authentic. Hard working. And, we know how to work together.”

Being Part of a Team


“If you show interest in learning a new skill or exploring a different role, EI will help you achieve it. There are so many opportunities for training and cross-training.”

Mentorship Program
On the Job Training
Co-Op Experience


“We consider ourselves to be a partner to our customers. We really value getting to know them, their products, and their business so we can fully understand how we can help.”

Starting Projects
Material Selection
Customer Oriented


“Being part of an employee-owned company means that my ideas are taken to heart. They’re appreciated, considered, and put into action. It feels good to be a part of a team where my voice is heard.”

What is an ESOP?
Benefits for Retirement
My Ideas Count
It Makes a Big Difference


“One of the things I really like about this company is our emphasis on quality. It is so important to us to deliver the best possible products to our customers. And, we take great pride in that.”

Importance of Quality
Continuous Improvement

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