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Engineered To Last.

Pressing Forward Since 1963

Over the course of 60 years, Engineering Industries has grown from a one-man operation to the custom plastic molding manufacturer we are today. In honor of this anniversary, we’re celebrating our legacy as we look ahead to the future.

The Stories That Shape Us

From anecdotes about our founder to tales from the plant floor – discover bits of EI history through stories told by the people who experienced it.

Embracing the concept of Forward Thinking – proactively anticipating customer needs and industry trends – has been a key aspect of our growth.

From humble

Engineering Industries began as a one-man operation in the basement of our founder Ron Daggett’s home. Ron’s ingenuity, expertise, and commitment to customer service quickly earned him a reputation as a trusted partner and problem solver in the early days of the plastics industry.

Over time, Ron invested in infrastructure to support his customers and purchased a building in Verona, where he began manufacturing primarily for one brand name company. In 1975, he purchased the building where EII resides today. Since then, our company has diversified and grown exponentially, including five separate expansions.

Ron’s characteristic end-to-end level of quality and customer service have been carried on, and our employees today are just as diligently involved in satisfying customer needs. This foundation has proven to be very powerful in how we think and manage the business today.

…to high tech.

Throughout the years, we have committed to investing in the latest technology to stay ahead of customer demands. Our advanced technology enables us to manage the manufacturing process more efficiently, allowing our team to work more effectively and take on additional responsibilities. This investment also offers our customers value-added services, eliminating the need to seek additional suppliers for further operations. Our President, John Ballweg, believes that investing in advanced technology is essential to our continued success.